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An Excerpt from My Original Solo Show: Mahalia Jackson New Beginnings 

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"Abortion Weekend"

It’s the summer before best friends Dazia and Ayanna’s senior year of college- their final hurrah before adulthood hits them full force. The girls have big plans for their summer together in LA including a trip to Sixteen Flags, attending Melanin Magic Yoga sessions, and getting lit while having fun in the town. Plans go array when preacher’s daughter Dazia unexpectedly gets pregnant. Dazia doesn’t believe in abortions, but she knows that having a child isn’t an option for her right now. Thus births the plan of “abortion weekend,” a weekend filled with dangerous and self-sabotaging activities in order to effectively end the pregnancy.

Catch the next showings of "Abortion Weekend" this October at the Stephanie Fuery Theatre in Los Angeles (Date TBA). And catch the next "Abortion Weekend" in December at the Soho Playhouse in New York City (Dates TBA). 

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